Debora Muniz : Vintage porn 1980

Debora Muniz : Vintage porn 1980

Name: Senta No Meu Que Eu Entro Na Tua

Director: Ody Fraga

Year: 1985

Country: Brazil

Language: Portuguese

Duration: 91 min

Categories: Vintage porn 1980, Debora Muniz, 1985, Brazil, Portuguese, Ody Fraga, Debora Muniz, Sandra Midori, Silvia Dumont, Kelly Muriel, Jaime Cardoso, Walter Gabarron, Germano Vezzani

Actors: Jaime Cardoso,Walter Gabarron,Germano Vezzani

Actress: Debora Muniz,Sandra Midori,Silvia Dumont,Kelly Muriel

Debora Muniz : Vintage porn 1980

This is a flick divided in two stories. The first about a talking vagina and the second about a guy with a schlong growing on his head. It’s a kind of brazilian 80’s movie called "pornochanchada" (sex with comedy). That’s the old formula: a few bucks and lots of imagination.