Sandra Scream fuck in “Hard Core Cafe 2: Revisited”

Name: Hard Core Cafe 2: Revisited

Country: United States

Year: 1991

Language: English

Duration: 70 min

Director: August West

Actress: Raven,Sandra Scream,Paula Price,Carolyn Monroe

Actors: Buck Adams,Eric Price,Woody Long,Leilani

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Retro lesbian xxx in “Girls Will Be Boys 4”

Name: Girls Will Be Boys 4

Country: United States

Director: Duck Dumont

Duration: 78 min

Language: English

Year: 1992

Actress: Nina Hartley,Chessie Moore,Carolyn Monroe,Brigitte Aime,Saki St. Jermaine,Courtney,Barbie Doll,Holly Ryder,Lei Lani

Actors: Leilani

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The rubber ware party continues! And this time, the toy loving girls include hot Nina Hartley, Fox Barbi Doll, and sultry, exotic Saki. There are anal training sessions, where the girls get familiar with their probes, and guess how each seems to end…with an incredible girl/girl anal scene that’ll blow your mind. Until the final scene, with all the girls and all the toys. It’s the ultimate


Lei Lani sex – “Caught From Behind 14”

Name: Caught From Behind 14

Duration: 81 min

Director: Charlie Diamond

Country: United States

Language: English

Year: 1991

Actress: Nina Hartley,Brittany Morgan,Alice Springs,Lei Lani

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Actors: Joey Silvera,Marc Wallace,Sean Michaels,Leilani

This edition of ‘Caught From Behind’ once again brings viewers some of the tastiest tarts in porn as they delve into some deep dish booty busting fun. We begin with luscious Aussie treat Alice Springs, who takes on Marc Wallice in a nasty little bump and grind. But when Marc tries to get into some back door boffing she balks. They end up going off to the ubiquitous sex clinic to see if they can’t dispel some of Alice’s fears. We then watch as Dr. Nina Hartley leads her charges on a torrid trek to the far reaches of erotica, taking them two-by-two into a series of scintillating anal encounters. We watch as Brittany Morgan shares her curves with Joey Silvera in a scorching back door boff. Lei Lani gets to experience the pulse-pounding efforts of Sean Michaels in a frantic interracial blast. Alice finally gets in on the fun when she and Marc decide to delve into a white-hot anal excursion of their own. Alice really loses herself in this scene, making it one of the best in the movie. We conclude as Nina herself gets into the act, hooking up with Sean and Lei Lani in a high energy threesome that they all really get a charge out of. A great collection that delivers the goods without ever getting bogged down in extraneous nonsense.


Vintage porn 90s in “The Last Sicilian”

Name: The Last Sicilian

Country: Italy

Duration: 91 min

Year: 1995

Director: Joe D’Amato

Language: English

Actress: Monica Orsini,Beatrice Poggi

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Actors: Alberto Rey,Silvio Evangelista

If you think Italians are the greatest lovers in the world, then you have never met Don Salvatore, The Last Sicilian. Young, handsome, and extremely virile, Don Salvatore`s greatest passion is sharing his lovemaking sdestroys with every gorgeous woman he can find – and that means all of them!